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Drywall device

20 July 2022 387

Rates for gypsum board installation on walls and ceilings by builders in 2022 in Lithuania, Vilnius.
Builders in Lithuania for gypsum board works, finding builders, searching.

Item Unit Price
1 Gypsum board installation on walls m2 from 12 to 20
2 Gypsum board installation on ceilings m2 from 14 to 22
3 Gypsum board partition installation (2 sides) m2 from 14 to 22
4 Gypsum board installation for curved structures (walls) m2 from 20 to 30
5   m2 from 14 to 22
6   m2 from 14 to 22
7   m2 from 14 to 22
8   m2  
9   m2  
10   m2  
11   m2  
12   m2  
13   m2  
14   m2  
15   m2  
16   m2  
17   m2  
18   m2  
19   m2  
20   m2  
21   m2  
22   m2  


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